Roof & Gutter Deicing Cable

Mor Electric Heating is one the largest distributors in the USA of Roof & Gutter Heating Cable. We even have Brian, a.k.a. "Heating Cable Guy" on staff (he is our most experienced heat cable salesman.) We have many Contractors who are amazed at how excellent the experience with Brian is. His direct number is 616-647-5272 or use Ext. 5272. His e-mail is

Brian leads a team of qualified heating cable salesmen who are highly trained on cable and controls. All of our salesmen can quickly understand your roof layout and decisively recommend the best way to handle your ice dam problem:

Art, 616-647-5271,

Bob, 616-647-5273,

Dan, 616-647-5274,

Philip, 616-647-5275,

Combine that with our high stock levels and there is no reason to call anyone else! We are a distributor for most of the manufacturers such as EasyHeat, Danfoss, Wrap-On, King Electric, PowerTech, ETI, Calorique, Raychem and Chromalox.

Roof and Gutter Ice Problems

Roofs with inadequate ventilation can ice up in snowy winter conditions. This can lead to ice dams at the roofs edge which prevents the melt water from the upper section of the roof from flowing off the roof. The melt water then collects at the ice dam and leaks under the shingles causing extensive water damage within the interior of the home or building. Our quality heating cables provide an effective, economical method of preventing ice dams from forming on roofs and in the gutters. We offer an extensive collection of commercial and residential grade heating cables and controls to solve even the most challenging ice melting issues.

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  1. SB-170 Surebond -20F Clear 24Hr Cure
    10.3 Fl oz Cartridge Clear Silicone Sealant. For adhering plastic or metal roof clips to wood or metal (Steel, Aluminum or Galvanized) roofs. Application temperature -20F to 122F



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  2. SB-188 Surebond -20F Clear 24Hr Cure
    10.3 Fl oz Tube Clear Surebond Silicone Sealant. For adhering plastic or metal roof clips to wood, metal and EPDM rubber roofs. Application temperature of -20F to 122F. Cure time 24 Hours - 325PSI Tensile Strength - 10-20 Minute Tack Free Time



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  3. SB-190 Surebond 50F Translucent 28 Days
    10.3 Fl Oz. Tube Translucent Surebond Adhesive Everseal Sealant. For adhering roof clips to metal roofs. Minimum application temperature of 50F. Cure time 28 days - 2000PSI Tensile Strength - 18-24 Hour Tack Free Time



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